Why do language teachers depend on software platforms?

Why do language teachers depend on software platforms?

With the passing of time, like different other sectors, technology is also hovering on education and thankfully it’s actually boosting the learning experience unlike before. It’s now becoming more interactive, strategic and enthusiastic with more communication. There are some celebrated software-based language labs such as Robotel ESL-lab that are cloud-based and powered with multiple features that help the students to enhance the e-learning process and the students also successfully learn to read, write, speak and listen to the new language.

Here are some relevant reasons why do the language teachers depend on the software platforms

Language labs run courses with little or no internet

Teachers find it impressive to depend on the local network-based language laboratory software solutions that offer comprehensive language courses.  Good software developers strategically develop the software for users from the locations of weak or no internet access such as the correctional facilities. The teachers who look forward to reach out to more students from the remotest corners and offer them the facility of learning a new language depend mainly on similar language laboratories.

Any Device Any Place

With the help of the cloud-based language lab software technology, teachers can use it from any device and from any location. Both teachers and students with an internet connection can develop a connection via the platform and share knowledge. By applying this technology, the relationship between the teachers and the students is enhanced and the students often come out of the cocoon and keep asking relevant questions and the teachers are happy to answer the queries.

Time is not a constraint anymore

Unlike the traditional language schools, the teachers offering e-learning language programs are ready to teach the students anytime per their schedules. The students and teachers discuss the relevant time and keep learning.

Any school and any class

Teachers have the provision to choose a software or rather a language lab that is relevant for the students of all classes and age. They can provide the learning courses to any student of any school whether high school, elementary school, colleges and universities. Besides, they also have the arrangements to teach the employed professionals looking forward to learning a new language.

Conversation pairing

The language lab helps in boosting the listening and speaking abilities with the help of conversation pairing. This is a very practical way of improving the language skills as two students are given the chance to communicate in the language they are learning.

Constant monitoring

The teachers monitor the conversation and figure out the developments they’re making. The errors are also mentioned later on and suggested with proper tips that will help the students to avoid making the same mistakes. Besides, the teachers also correct the papers or the audio, the students send as homework via the software.

Presentation making

The software-based language lab gives the opportunity to design and create personalized presentation. In today’s e-learning scenario, submitting presentation is a common thing and the students are often asked to do it in a group or individually per the courses they attend.

Self-study activity

There are six activities that the students get involved with in this section as anyone will agree that self-studying activities are the best way to self-helping for learning a new language. The students can listen, speak, read and write with this facility.

These are a few reasons why the language teachers depend on the software-based programs.

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