What are Executive Recruiters and their Roles?

What are Executive Recruiters and their Roles?

Executive recruiters  San Francisco are executive headhunters whose main aim is to position executives within firms. An executive recruiter may fill job positions like high level management, lawyers, doctors etc. depending on their knowledge and niche experience. Many of them are skilled and talented in a specific industry niche like; medical device pharmaceutical, information technology etc.  They may even function on their own or work with an executive recruitment to recruitment companies.

If you are seeking to work with an executive search firm or an executive staffing agency, an open and honest approach is the key to a successful placement. They are in no shortage of candidates as there are fewer open jobs than candidates at any given time. It is always important and good if you built a good impression to maintain your relationship with the recruiter.

Duties of an executive recruiter:

  • An executive recruiter is the sole responsible recruiter to fill the position and candidates can only apply for that specific job through the selected executive recruiter.
  • Executive recruiters not only find the candidates, but also help their clients in negotiating salary, researching the market, coordinating the interview, candidate background checks, initial screening, etc.
  • Executive recruiter’s works with an executive search firm, who charges a professional fee for placing candidates within firms.
  • The executive recruiter market is a very particular market and executive recruiters usually concentrate on small high yield niches.

Executive recruiters build up relationships with various companies, HR professionals, and hiring managers just by the nature of their business. Hershel can represent you and there will be a lot less competition when it comes to getting the attention of those involved in the hiring process.

Thus you should go for an executive recruiter as he will push you forward to present you to the hiring team and highlights the value you will add to the company through promoting your success, skills and strengths.

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