Top Three Reasons to Enrol in an English Language School

Top Three Reasons to Enrol in an English Language School

You may have moved from another continent and need a good school for your child. You could also be a Dubai local who would want to expose your child to a bigger world.

Parents — regardless of race, country, or religion — would always want the best for their children. Desire to provide their children with only the best can best be exemplified with their choice of school.

A World of Difference

When in search for a good English language school in Dubai, parents usually seek one that can provide a holistic approach to education. This means that it should be an educational institution that provides excellent pastoral care for students.

Dubai has seen a burgeoning number of British schools in more recent years. The steady influx of expats as well as the local population growth has contributed to the flourishing state of these academic institutions.

Here are the top three reasons why you should enroll your child in a British school in Dubai:

1. Academic Excellence

The exceptional results of the General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) last August has garnered a lot of happy sighs. Students from English language schools and other secondary schools with a British curriculum, especially, breathed a sigh of collective relief with their stellar scores.

At The English College, for example, academicians pride themselves for always adhering to a set of standards that pursue academic excellence. The staff and the teaching community strive to give their best in teaching students so these children will all develop their full potential.

With a broad and balanced curriculum, the school maintains British educational guidelines while still fulfilling the requirements of the National Curriculum. Having the best interests of the students in mind, The English College curriculum enables all students to become successful learners who enjoy learning.

Only highly qualified and motivated staff is employed. With expertise in their own subjects and the availability of a well-resourced department, the teachers are able to lay a solid foundation within their students. This, in turn, produces children who are driven to make progress and achieve their own goals.

2. Outstanding Pastoral Care

Another commendable reason why you should consider enrolling your child in a British school is the quality of pastoral care. An institution such as The English College puts value in the importance of a caring and mentoring environment for students.

Aside from pursuing academic excellence, the school recognizes the importance of going beyond what is examinable. The school invests in resources, builds new buildings, and maintains well-oiled systems to make sure that students are inspired to learn within its halls.

Procuring the services of trusted bus and food catering companies and making good use of technology to communicate with parents – as in the case of the D6 School Communicator – shows their dedication to providing only the best for these kids.

The belief that every student is entitled to a challenging, inspiring, rich, and varied curriculum is at the core of everything they do at The English College. That is why students experience learning as something that builds their confidence as well as something that is engaging, enjoyable, and rewarding.

3. Positive Global Outlook

One of the intangible yet valuable advantages of being enrolled in a British curriculum school is the exposure of children to a diverse group of people. Children of different nationalities and from different walks of life all go to school together paying no heed to social boundaries.

With their varied backgrounds, the school tends to have a cosmopolitan vibe. Their exposure to classmates and schoolmates with different cultures, languages, and opinions readies them for the real world. It gives them a sense of appreciation for other people’s perspectives. This also teaches them in terms of character formation.

The school is now not just a breeding ground for students with superior scholastic aptitude but also kids with good attitudes and an understanding of cultural diversity. The rich and inclusive culture helps develop their personalities.

Other personal development programs encourage the students to take part in charitable, creative, cultural, entrepreneurial, intervention, or sports activities. These enrichment programs help enhance not only their mental faculties but also mold their characters.

A School for Life

The English College aims not only to instill a love for academic learning. It also aims to awaken new interests and open new doors for these children. With their guidance and guardianship, students who are exposed to a multicultural world are expected to make a positive contribution to society.

As responsible, effective, and happy learners, these kids all grow up and go out to the world as citizens who embody excellence in everything they do.

Sybil AbouRahal-Jones is the Marketing & Communications Manager at The English College in Dubai. She majored in Graphic Design and has experience of 20 years working in Graphic Design, Branding, Marketing and Communications. Her role is to set the MarCom strategy for both primary and secondary schools, and implement branding, graphic design, internal and external communications, marketing, and digital marketing.

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