Things You Can Learn When Hosting Students

Things You Can Learn When Hosting Students

The initial idea of hosting students was to create an opportunity for anyone to visit another country and immerse themselves in their culture.  In the process the student will develop a deeper understanding of the way of life whilst improving their language skills.

This premise has stood the test of time and now thousands of families are hosting students and giving them the opportunity to improve their language skills.

However, it is not just the student that benefits from this kind of arrangement.  Anyone hosting students will learn a variety of new lessons and skills themselves:

Improved Attitude

One of the fastest lessons that anyone hosting students learns is that they must develop a lot more patience.  When you have your own family you are prepared to deal with everyday occurrences and may react hastily when something is not as it appears.

However, hosting student’s means having strangers in your home.  Suddenly the responses that seem normal in family life may no longer seem appropriate.  You will quickly develop a more relaxed attitude which will provide your children, and the student, the opportunity to speak before you pass judgment.


Any student which arrives is interested in improving their language skills and experiencing your culture.  This is something you will naturally be an expert on!  However, in the process of conversing with your student you will inevitably start to find out information about them and their culture.  This may be most obvious in the response to your cultural habits!

Hosting students will give you the opportunity to learn about other cultures; you can even learn a little of their language in the process.  This makes the process a much more rewarding experience.

Ask Questions

Not every culture encourages their young people to ask questions.  Freedom of speech is taken for granted in many Western countries but not always an option in other places.  It is important to keep an eye on your student and prompt them to ask as many questions as possible.  This is how they will learn!

You should also ask questions yourself, this will encourage them to ask and will help you understand their background and beliefs better.

Cultural Improvement

Your interaction with a foreign culture when hosting students will provide more than an insight into the way they live and their values.  It will help you to understand their culture and why they do certain things.  You will even be able to gauge their feelings regarding other countries.

The result is a vastly improved understanding of their culture as well as their improved understanding of yours.  In turn you will share your knowledge and they will share their; creating a better understanding and acceptance between two countries.  Hosting students can actually bring the world closer together!

Be Ready For Anything

Finally it is important to be ready for anything when hosting students.  You cannot know the intimate details of their family life before they arrive with you.  What you consider normal may be very alien to them.  The reaction to a new experience can be dramatic.  You must be ready for anything and be prepared to make the most of each situation.

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