Things to Know If You Are Moving to Quebec Canada

Things to Know If You Are Moving to Quebec Canada

If you are thinking about moving to Quebec Canada here is some information that you might need.

Settlement professionals

Experienced and friendly settlement professionals can help you:

  • Look for a job in Canada
  • Get language classes
  • Find a place to live
  • Fill out forms and applications
  • Sign up kids for school
  • Learn about community services

Outside Canada

If you are outside Canada, you are usually able to get pre-arrival service in your home country before you move.

In Quebec

If you are in Quebec, find services the government of Quebec offers on their website – the information will be easy to find.

Higher education in UK

If you are a Canadian and are interested in pursuing higher education in the United Kingdom, you might wish to consult the following two websites:

  • UCAS (Universities and Colleges Admissions Service) offers information on all undergraduate courses and manages the UK’s online process application for full-time study.
  • UIKPASS (UK Postgraduate Application and Statistical Service) gives info on all the United Kingdom postgraduate studies, long with an online application especially some degree courses.

University websites

Separate university websites offer data on which degrees and courses they have as well as scholarship and other funding opportunities. Many universities have international offices to help current as well as potential students with student life in the UK. Since you are citizens of the United Kingdom you get a break on some of your fees as well as books.

Places to contact

The UK Council for International Student Affairs, British High Commission in Ottawa and Education UK all offer general advice on funding and fees, immigration and visas. For information on visas and immigration visit the UK Border Agency website.

Health supplies

When going to school in the UK, you can still get what your needs at iherb by going to iHerb Canada or iHerb Code for cities all over the world.

Canadian citizen

Most Canadian citizens go to the UK for their higher education in the United Kingdom, because of the superb schools and teachers who are experts in their fields.



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