These websites are the best guide if you are preparing for your ICSE exams

These websites are the best guide if you are preparing for your ICSE exams

ICSE examination is the most crucial examination in a student’s life. Not only important but the first major examination as well. As the race for achieving highest score gets tough, you should seek every opportunity to propel your preparation. In addition to books, study material, notes, etc; you need a reliable guide that covers ICSE exam syllabus in a comprehensive manner.

With this respect, we searched for feasible online sources that assist students in ICSE preparation. These online guides cover every subject and furnish detailed content along with practice questions and effective tips for preparation.


LearnNext is a dedicated portal for school examination preparations. It offers comprehensive study material for classes 6-12. To explain concepts in an interactive manner, they teach students with the help of animated videos and story-based learning. To hone your subject skills, you can practice topic-wise questions and practice sets. Further, you can interact with other students on question & answer forum.


Brainnr is an ICSE preparation platform wherein you can participate in quizzes to learn in an effective manner. While participating in quizzes, your score will be analyzed amongst other participants as well. Your scores will be compared on the leaderboard. Thus, Brainnr instills competitiveness in the students. Further, you can analyze your competency based on the topic analysis rendered by Brainnr.


Vedantu is your personal teacher that will guide at each and every step. Switch to online learning with Vedantu by your side. The batch of qualified and experienced teachers assists students in preparing strategically for the ICSE  exam. Vedantu teaching mechanism focuses on full coverage of syllabus and complete revision at the end. Along with this, objective tests and assignments also assist in preparation.

Khan Academy

Do you know that Khan Academy is the largest online platform that offers free education to all aspirants around the globe? Founded by Salman Khan (not our Dabangg one!) in the USA, it offers reliable study material for Mathematics, Computers, Sciences, Economics, and Arts & Humanities. For these particular subjects, you can rely on Khan Academy study material.


Toppr has earned the reputation of being the most reliable platform for school education, including ICSE preparation. The 24/7 support from the experts, interactive educational videos, topic-wise practice sets, and participation in challenges boost your ICSE preparation. Concept Sheets and Performance Reports – these two unique features are crucial in elevating your preparation.


ResPaper is the largest online directory of ICSE practice papers and revision notes. What makes ResPaper unique? The users are the administrators of the website. They can upload ICSE practice papers, prelims paper of a particular school, study material, and so on. If you want to practice unique and original papers, you can download them from ResPaper.


Pave the path of success in ICSE boards by adopting Meritnation for exam preparation. Access thousands of educational videos, participate in interactive classrooms, chat with the experts, practice questions and mock tests, and much more. Meritnation caters to each and every requirement of the ICSE exam aspirant.


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