The various last minute suggestions

The various last minute suggestions

Studying for an exam is not a last-minute project! Here are our suggestions to help your child get motivated and organized. You can always choose the online course materials for the gcsemaths.

Start studying early

It is best to study a little every day, a few days before the exam. Thus, the brain will memorize the information better.

Validate your understanding

Before an exam, it is important for your child to understand the concepts taught.

Set priorities

Logically, your child will have to devote more time to more difficult and important subjects. Often, the teacher will have specified the subject to be studied for the exam.

Prepare revision sheets

The material can be memorized in different creative ways. Summarize the material with drawings, diagrams or in a few words. Summarize the information out loud and explain it to someone else. Make a question and answer game.

Attend recoveries and ask for help

Special recovery periods are a good time to ask questions and revise the less understood subject. Support and organize. As a parent, you cannot study instead of our child. On the other hand, you can accompany him in his studies and guide him towards success. To help him, do not hesitate to ask your child to bring you his exam schedule. You can then display it where it will be clearly visible. Do a study calendar with him and help him establish his priorities. For example, if he has a French exam in 4 days and a science exam in 2 weeks, the priority is to study French. Encourage him to respect his study schedule. Reduce noise while the child is studying to help focus. Motivate him with little touches.

It is important to take care of the body before the examination

A glass of milk and a biscuit can be a little sweet appreciated during a period of study! After this time you take the risk of being poorly prepared and stress. Check that you have all of the courses, TPs, controls or exercises. Otherwise, get the fast from your friends or your teachers. Prepare a schedule of revisions. It is not necessary to put an exaggerated number of working hours, otherwise you risk being disappointed if you do not manage to finish. The goal is that you realize exactly what you planned to do. It is actually a contract with you. Create a working group, it can stimulate you and give you confidence. Make sure you get a good night’s sleep each night and especially the night before the tests. Do not forget to provide a minimum sociability during this period (putting a serious brake on the outputs and use of screens). Do not hesitate to get help from your family, teachers or on our website

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