So you’ve got your Place at Southampton University, so now what?

So you’ve got your Place at Southampton University, so now what?

Congratulations! You are now going to be a student at Southampton University. As one of the most respected institutions within the city and across the South Coast, you’ll soon feel right at home settling in at Southampton University. However, now that you have found your place and that you are going to be a permanent student at the university, you have one more challenge to overcome. Where will you live?

Thankfully, the city of Southampton is about as accommodating as they come. Finding great Southampton student accommodation isn’t so tough – you just need to know what to look out for. What, then, matters when looking at potential places to call home during your stay?

Great quality rooms

Of course, you want to be moving into student accommodation that makes it easy for you to get settled in. This means avoiding spaces that have clutter, wasted space or issues with privacy. Since you will likely share with another student, we recommend that you try and find somewhere that allows you both your time together and your private time.

Nights out and in together will become the norm, so will time studying. Unless you happen to be on the same course, it’s going to be essential that you find student accommodation in Southampton that is space-friendly.

Links to the city

Of course, you don’t want to find yourself having to travel for an hour to get into the city. We recommend that you look for a location which is near to Southampton University, but also has good transport links. This should mean a few minutes of walking to help find the location that you need.

Food shopping and retail therapy should all be easy to reach on foot, too. Make sure that you choose accommodation in the city that allows for easy access to essential goods as well as avoiding adding transit time on to get to Southampton University itself. The closer you are to the university, the better, as it makes sure you can simply walk to class instead of relying on public transport.

Excellent student links

Being a student being combining together alone time with combining together good social experiences. We recommend that you spend some time looking to find somewhere that can get you to places such as the local library in a few minutes walking time. Make sure you take a look around for local amenities, too.

Things like being able to nip out for a nutritious yet affordable lunch in the same time you could head out for fast food is so important. It’s the small things that make all the difference to your success as a student at Southampton University, so keep the above in mind.

Do this right, though, and you will be able to make the most of your time here on the South Coast. You’ll be able to get to class without wasting time, and avoid any issues with your lesson planning. Privacy, safety and location all matter when choosing accommodation. Take these matters seriously, and you’ll find settling in will become so much simpler.

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