Popular job interview questions and answers for sure success in your next interview

Popular job interview questions and answers for sure success in your next interview

How well you are able to answer the questions in an interview determine your chances of success. There is only one way to ensure success in an interview, and that is preparation and more preparation. Though, you would need to use your wit and intelligence to answer the tricky questions,you can crack more common ones easily.


Check out these popular job interview questions and answers to achieve success in upcoming interviews:

Q1. Describe yourself and your experience? A1. This is the most anticipated question. You can prepare a short and crisp answer that should include your experience as a brief overview. Make sure that your answer is pertinent to the post applied. Mention your work experience in chronological fashion.

Q2. Why did you leave your last employer? A2. Be careful not to speak negatively about you present or past employer. Rather emphasize on your desire to learn and grow, and the gain new experiences and responsibilities.

Q3. What do you know about this organization? A3. You are not expected to have in-depth knowledge about the organization, but you should go through the company’s website and the press releases that have appeared in the recent times. Try to figure out a positive point that you can successfully emphasize during the interview.

Q4. Tell us why do you want to work at this organization? A4. Present all your skills and experiences with respect to the role you are seeking. You have to sight a positive reason as to why you want to work with the organization.

Q5. What do you prefer most— working in teams or as an individual? A5. Your answer should be such that it should present you as a candidate capable of working both in individual roles as well as part of a team. The answer is you can work efficiently both individually as well as in teams as per the requirement of the task. Don’t forget to sight examples from your previous jobs in support of your answer.

Q6. Describe your greatest strength and greatest weakness? A6. This is another question that is frequently asked in every job interview.  So, you can prepare the answer beforehand. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses, so one cannot say they don’t have any weakness. The trick is to project your weakness as a positive quality. For example, you can mention your work ethic as your strength and your dedication and commitment toward work as a weakness as you tend to work too much at times.

Q7. Where do you see yourself in next 5 years? A11. This is also a very commonly asked question. You need to answer this question demonstrating a strong career path in which you aim to grow based on gathering experience and knowledge. Convey the message that even though you are flexible, you are honest with your objective.

Hope, you get an idea about the popular job interview questions and answers from the above list. Best of luck for your interview!

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