Peter Loftin: An Inspiring Journey Towards The Fame And Prosperity

Peter Loftin: An Inspiring Journey Towards The Fame And Prosperity

Easily termed as the jack of all trades, Peter Loftin has managed to build his fortune from the scratch. Frequently termed as the entrepreneur of the year, Loftin’s journey towards fame seems to be as inspiring and as fantastic as a fairy tale. The journey was not smooth at all, especially since he had dropped out of college twice at the age of 26. It was worthy, however, to take into account the kinds of hardships life could offer to him. At the age of 31 he became the head of a company whose revenues have become approximately $20 million.

The beginning of Peter Loftin’s inspiring and influencing journey

The path of business and the making of self are not easy at all, especially when you do not have any backing or godfather. All you can depend on your wisdom, ability to learn and analyse things first and apply your newly acquired education to your work. Peter Loftin excels in all of these. While he did not have any unique product to offer or any kind of experience with the management, he settled for his ability to sell and analyse the long distance market. The brain child, therefore, is the BTI or Business Telecom Inc.

The best thing about Peter Loftin is his ability to maintain a fine balance between his earning and spending. Along with being a successful businessman, he has always remained a great social worker. Not everyone can continue doing things according to that wish to maintain a balance. During his early youth, he became the founder of the ‘Coats for Kids’. The main aim of the organization was to donate warm winter clothes to the street children. Along with projects like this, he has also built the Camp BTI for the American children and began to help the troubled teenagers through the ‘Make-A-Wish’ foundation.

Casa Casuarina and some of the other initiatives by Loftin

Eventually, Peter Loftin became the owner of the private guest house cum social club called Casa Casuarina at the South Beach in Miami. Along with hosting several luxurious parties for the celebrities, he did donate the place for several charity events, benefitting numbers of charitable establishments. A huge numbers of local youths also have managed to bag payable work positions in the resort.

Apart from Casa Casuarina, Loftin’s concerns of the world have made him aiming towards serving as a member of the National Board of Governors of the American Red Cross Society. He has donated a huge amount to the SOF or the Special Operations Funds, in order to provide college fund for the children of the soldiers.

As it is obvious, the life story of Loftin is as colourful, inspiring as the person himself. His story reminds us of the age old saying that if you want something you have to do hard work and you will be able to get it no matter what. From philanthropist to a hard-core businessman: it is very hard to categorize his position, but, his versatility is nothing lesser than that of a genius.

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