Open up Opportunities: Acquire CSM Certification

Open up Opportunities: Acquire CSM Certification

A Certified Scrum Master Certification is the result of going through the process of learning the Scrum framework and passing the exam. A Scrum Master expands their career opportunities in all aspects because agile practices come in use in all fields. A scrum master is able to demonstrate their knowledge where it matter most and they engage in environments to improve productivity.

Scrum itself is pretty light framework of agile management that is used for software development purposes. Completely new software can be developed on the Scrum framework. The framework allows developers to remain in an agile, affordable environment where their products can be reviewed and rebuilt without huge investments. The framework has proven to be extremely useful for increased productivity, consistent quality, and satisfaction among customers, realistic project investments and high involvement of employee interests.

CSM Certification

A Scrum Master is at the top of all the Scrum framework. The Scrum framework consists of the product owner as well as the team. Scrum teams do not have project managers as they are completely self-autonomous. The team is very dependent on each other and the communication between members is pivotal. The person with the CSM certification still has some special responsibilities and acts as a member and leader of the team at the same time.

The CSM certification leads a managing role in a non-controlling way. The Scrum master looks after the communication between members most of all and looks after the progress each member is making. The Scrum master works to keep his team member’s productivity unscathed and keeps distractions away from them. The goal set to achieve is thus reached in an efficient, controlled environment yet no one person can say they did all the work. Each member is responsible for all the work they do yet the outcome is assumed by the entire team. No one member can be blamed.

A person with a CSM certification is in high demand for the positions of team leader, consultant, project manager or scrum team member. Scrum master earn anything from $70,000 to $100,000 annually. The salary can vary based on what position you are hired for but one thing is for certain, one’s employment and career opportunities increase significantly after they acquire a CSM certification.

To acquire a CSM certification, anyone interested must take a 2 day course that costs $1000. After taking the course, you have a 30-90 day period where you can take the online exam from anywhere in the world. The online test has 50 multiple choice questions that have to be attempted in an hour. To pass, you must acquire at least 60% of the total marks. The pass rate however is very high as 98% of the people who take the exam end up passing.

Though there are no pre-requisites for taking the Scrum Online exam, a basic understanding of the Scrum framework can help you out on a big way. If you’re looking to advance your career, having a CSM certification is the way to go.

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