Nike’s Online Reputation

Nike’s Online Reputation

Nike is the biggest player in the athletic apparel market, with $30.6 billion dollars in annual sales, and a profit of roughly $14 billion dollars. Nike brands have distinct target markets. The main Nike brand is targeted towards athletes, selling related products such as shoes, equipment and clothes.

Most recently, Nike is expanding women’s apparel, in an effort to target women in their 20’s and 30’s that are largely driving the “athleisure trend,” in which customers buy leggings with the intent of wearing them to the gym, errands, and brunch. Nike has taken women consumers into consideration, and estimates that it can add several billion in sales. Nike is currently targeting young athletes in an effort to sponsor local leagues, clubs and federations. Nike’s innovation efforts are also strongly focused in the running category. This is not only a strategic move to increase their market share and reach different demographics but because it will create a lot of useful and positive press for their online reputation.

Not only does Nike’s website have a big domain authority, it will boost the press related to it so news stories will begin to flood their webpage. Most big companies like Nike that do not encounter have any scandals have complete control of their online reputations. Because of this, Nike’s turnover is expected to grow to $50 billion by fiscal 2020. Nike is the largest athletic gear company in the world. The company clocked global apparel and footwear sales of $8.6 billion and $18.3 billion in fiscal 2015. Nike is responsible for owning 48% of the USA footwear market. They own 60% of the running market, 90% share in basketball (including Air Jordan) and 20% in the skate industry. Nike also generates billions in sales from soccer and football equipment/apparel. Nike is the main sponsor of the NFL, and the teams and players associated with the league.

Because of the magnitude of Nike, Nike’s online and international reputation is one of the best out there. They continuously try to engage other markets which has prompted mostly positive engagement online, enhancing their online reputation.

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