Learning Floristry in London

Learning Floristry in London

The UK floristry industry is worth upwards of £1 billion, so it’s certainly a career worth pursuing, especially for those living in London. The city is one of the best locations to work as a florist, as there is undoubtedly a huge demand for quality florists throughout the entire year.

Furthermore, learning floristry in London is far easier than most other cities. There are many different resources in London for learning floristry, from taking an apprenticeship to studying at the various florist courses throughout the city.

If you are willing to put the time and effort into learning floristry in London, it will likely be a very rewarding career, especially if you are passionate about the trade! Here’s some tips for learning floristry in London:

Attend a College Course

Not everyone is aware that you can actually study to become a florist. It makes sense when you consider just how much creative skill and understanding of flowers is needed, and much of this can be learned at the various courses available in London.

Attending a few college courses is a very effective way to learn floristry in London. Courses cover a variety of floristry topics and can last for just a few weeks or much longer, allowing you to find a course that suits your current lifestyle.

You’ll learn all about the different types of flowers, what’s the best combinations for arrangements, how to create beautiful floral arrangements, as well hands on experience to help come to grips with the trade.

Get Work in a Florist Shop

Now, this may be easier with some qualifications from a floristry course, but it’s certainly possible to find work in a florist shop without much experience – although you may have to volunteer to get things started.

So, while pay won’t be the greatest unless you have some prior experience, working directly in a florist is one of the best ways to learn the trade. For instance, you get to shadow and learn from a successful florist, while getting to experience what life is like as a working florist.

The experienced gained from working in a florist is invaluable. You’ll likely get a chance to work during peak floristry season, attending special events such as weddings. Here, you can better understand the logistics of working such events and get an idea of what to expect from your career down the line!

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