How to stay motivated at work?

How to stay motivated at work?

With changing business requirements, attrition rate, changing policies, bad performance review, etc., things can take a U-turn at the workplace. So, what is the way around this or whatever that weighs you down?

It is only through motivation that creativity and enthusiasm to reap better results is achieved. It is only through motivation that people can achieve great things in life. Here are a few tips that you can use to stay motivated at work:

  1. surround yourself with happy people

There is truth to the saying that people around you affect your mood. So, if you surround yourself with happy people at work, then you can get the much needed support to perform better. As we are innately vulnerable to catching other people’s feelings, you will be more likely to be viewed as more cooperative. Furthermore, spending more time with positive and happy people can also make you feel lighter and happier at workplace, giving you more energy to perform better.

  1. Learn how to prioritize

You should prioritise yourself and it is not a selfish move to make; it is a necessity. There can be times when you could feel guilty of not being able to work outside of your business hours. There are many other things that need your attention other than work. If you don’t learn how to strike a balance between work-life, then you can be very demotivated and even normal tasks can seem like a burden on shoulder. So, when you are off the clock, pay attention to your personal needs and care.

  1. Learn to celebrate

Every time you close a project, celebrate it with your team members. It may not be something that your management would want to treat as a win, but your efforts and your team’s efforts contributed to the successful closure of that particular project. Celebrating every small or big win matters and makes you seem like a positive team player. And celebrating every win shouldn’t have to be about work only at the workplace. Spent an entire day without ordering food from outside? Or successfully finished a playlist while writing an article? Count every little task that gives you joy to keep yourself engaged and motivated.

  1. Set personal and professional goals

Habit – meaning repetition of an act on purpose. You need to train yourself on a new habit to keep you motivated. Whether it is working out in the morning before going to work or reading a new book every month to gain perspective. Whatever it is that makes you engaged, motivated or happy, make sure you stick to it. While you set a personal or professional goal, make sure you ask yourself these:

  • Who inspires me and why?
  • What is causing me tension?
  • Why do I procrastinate certain things?
  • What would I regret not doing in 15-20 years?

  1. Reward Yourself

For every little or big achievement, don’t forget to reward yourself as a reminder that only you are in charge of your motivation and happiness.

It doesn’t matter which profile you belong to, or which company you work at if you are demotivated. You will not be able to give your 100%. Whether you are into finance job, manufacturing job, IT job, or advertising job, there are ways to keep yourself motivated to keep finding joys in the basic of things. So, learn to live, to know the true meaning of life.


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