How to Convert Powerpoint to Videos with Movavi Powerpoint to Video Converter

How to Convert Powerpoint to Videos with Movavi Powerpoint to Video Converter

Converting your powerpoints into video formats will allow you to watch it on mobile devices. Mobile devices do not support ppt format so it is necessary to convert it into a video format. Besides, converting your ppt into videos allow you to share it online for people to watch it at their own convenient time. People like to watch video better than powerpoint slideshow. Video sharing sites like YouTube and Vimeo does not accept PPT files. So, you will have to convert them into video in order for it to get uploaded successfully.

  1. The converted video will be small size so it can be played from any portable device like USB. The video can be played on the media player on your computer. Movavi Powerpoint to Video Converter is equipped with the technology and tools you need to convert PowerPoint to video in all kinds of formats. It supports presets for a wide range of mobile device brands including Apple devices, Samsung, and etc. The text feature allows you to add comments to the video so that the audience can understand more clearly about your message.

When you launch Movavi Powerpoint to Video Converter, you must first specify the ppt file that you want to convert by clicking on the browse button under the presentation file. Next, you must select the folder where the output presentation files will be saved by clicking on the browse button under Destination folder. Next, you must go to the presentation settings tab and choose what format you want to convert the ppt file into.

When you click the presentation drop down menu, you must select the device type that is compatible with the output video. You can also specify a custom resolution by entering the width and height manually. You can configure for the slide to automatically move to the next slide a the set duration. If you don’t want the slip to move on to the next slide automatically, you should select the manually option.

If the original slideshow does not contain any soundtrack, you can import soundtrack from your computer by using the Add Media button. Adding a background soundtrack will make your audience enjoy the video more. You can add a soundtrack that is related to the product/services you are promoting in the slideshow presentation.

To add a soundtrack, you must select the Audio settings tab and check the sound checkbox. You also have to specify the audio source and audio format for the sound recording to take place. Finally, you must go to the converter settings to select your mobile device model and the output video format from the profile drop down menu.

You can click on the settings button to further configure the settings for the powerpoint to video conversion such as video codec, resize method, resize quality, audio format and sample rate. Movavi Powerpoint to Video Converter supports Windows XP to the latest Windows 10 version. It will run smoothly on your computer even after you have installed the patches and service packs on Windows.

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