How To Better Your Paper Writing Skills

How To Better Your Paper Writing Skills

It’s a natural human tendency to be better than you were yesterday. It’s a commendable one too. Why should it be not true when it comes to your writing skills in your academic frontier. You may try to write well, but without external pointers its very easy to get into a loop and become frustrated, hence defeating the point. Here are those influencing points.

  • Practice reading

You need to get into a habit of getting into other’s shoes. Or to be more precise, into other writer’s shoes. Writing is an art form, it touches your heart and hence your subconscious. This then gets presented onto a paper, efficiently forming your style. So, the more and better people you read the better you’re going to get. Include as much variety as possible to enrich your knowledge.

When you get into this practice, you naturally tend to evaluate their writings and form your own opinions about their style. These likes and dislikes give you your own style. Your taste is what makes you a distinctive personality. Use it to present yourself better.

With time you will notice that you have become more rounded and balanced in your thought processes. Broadsheet newspapers are particularly helpful in this regard. The critics and their reasoning when appeals to your intellect you naturally emulate them in your own way bringing about a balance and a smoothening of those rough edges.

  • Improve your vocabulary

Your sat vocab Is of no use unless it’s put to practice. Regularly testing the limits of the application of these words give you good control over your usage of them. This is called as skill. They help in putting your thoughts onto paper in the most beautifully constructed manner to gracefully make your point. Verbosity is an overkill side of the same coin. You need to be able to exercise enough control over the flow of your vocabulary too. Congesting the reader’s mind with your memory serves no purpose.  The following might help.

  • Use an app for WORD OF THE DAY.
  • Carry your Kindle with you ALWAYS.
  • Befriend you THESAURUS.
  • PREFIX, SUFFIX, ROOT. Learn them.
  • Maintain a VOCAB JOURNAL.

  • Grammar and intonation.

Doesn’t matter how sophisticated your look is if not backed by those fluid and contextual wordings when you speak. Here you need to talk the walk. Sophisticating your intonation capability on paper and not just speech is a valuable skill. Just complicating your sentence and filling it with heavy words, does just the opposite of showing your sophistication. I would ask someone to write a paper for me cheap, and go that extra distance in understanding the mindset of the writers in the present day market. This might also be a good idea if you are willing to go the publishing way. It will also help you in picking up some tricks of the trade.

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