How much do you know about Nursing Degrees?

How much do you know about Nursing Degrees?

One of the best educational investments that you can make today is earning a nursing degree. There is a strong demand for nursing and nursing will remain a strong career path for many years to come. There are several factors driving this demand. As there are people ageing and living more active lives, there are more health care workers and nurses being employed. You can see that there are more nursing assistants, licensed practical nurses and full registered nurses that provide more and more care for the huge growing population.

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Moving ahead, nurse practitioners and advanced practice nurses can perform many of the same tasks that were once only performed by the physicians, but at a lower cost. If you want a god start in the field of nursing, you need to know about the different educational options. There are many educational paths that you can take in nursing, whether you want to become an LPN, an RN, a nurse practitioner or another type of advanced practice nurse. Overall it is about how much you want to earn, what are your goals and what you want to do in your nursing work.

Below are the three basic ways to become a nurse:

  1. Two or three year diploma program which allows you to become an RN in less time than with a full degree of bachelor.
  2. A two year associate`s degree for nursing provides the RN designation without clearing a bachelor`s degree.
  3. A four year Bachelor of Science Degree that would provide you RN designation. Once you earn BSN, you can then opt to receive more education with an MSN or DNP degree. Through this you get the option to choose from a full array of high paying and high demand nursing jobs.
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