Govt jobs 2018: Central Government Jobs or State Government Jobs

Govt jobs 2018: Central Government Jobs or State Government Jobs

You envy of someone having state government jobs or central government jobs. Don’t you?  There is a plethora of demand for the Sarkari Naukri or government jobs in India. The government of India recently announced the 7th pay commission, rendering recommendations in salary structures of the government employees. The urge for government jobs has exponentially increased among the Indian youth and made them Google govt jobs 2018 more than often.

Recently, the announcement from RRB recruitment outraged the job portals with thousands of visitors.

However, every Indian craves for govt jobs, only a few people ponder to know the better Sarkari Naukri among the state government and central government jobs.

Parameters that define government jobs

  • Salary package: The salary package of government employee comprises

Basic salary + Dearness Allowances + House rent + Transport Allowance + HRA

  • Working hours:You are not required to be in the office after 8 hours of your duty.

  • Job security: You cannot be fired from your job in government boards unless you commit a major sin.

  • Job satisfaction: The job is right in any of the government jobs as you get optimum work, work off on every public holiday.

  • Work pressure: You have no work pressure in either of the jobs as you have no pre-set targets to achieve as like in corporate jobs.

  • Pensions: It is the contentious income source. You receive money even after the service period. That is the govt job for you.

Central government jobs

There are numerous central government jobs board such as RRB recruitment, conservation department, income tax department, and other departments in the judiciary or executive boards.

State government jobs

The banking organizations, education institutions, financial institutions, Forest department, animal husbandry department and other various recruitment boards belong to the state government of India.

Benefits of state govt and central government jobs

The employee of the central government jobs attains more benefits compared to the state government jobs.

The benefits for central govt include more housing loan and income facilities, gratuity, provident fund, and medical facilities.  

The salary of the employee in state government is fixed by the respective department or boards. The rules and regulations of state government employee are complicated than the central govt employees.

Assume, for instance, you get a job through RRB recruitment; you get enrolled into central government category. The benefits you get are

  • You can freely travel to every corner of the country freely.
  • Your family gets the benefit of traveling with you for free.
  • The salaries will be more than that of any state government employee of the similar standard.

On the other hand, in the state government jobs like KSRTC board (Karnataka State Road Transport Commission), the benefits you avail are:

  • You can only travel all over the Karnataka but not India.
  • The benefit of free travel for KSRTC is not assisted the family of the employee.
  • The loan facilities, food facilities of state govt employees are less in standard compared to central government.

The employee gets extended pension facilities in state and central govt in following ways:

  • After retirement, the government provides half of the salary of the employee as pension.
  • In case, the employee dies before retirement, the wife or son/daughter will get his job. Or wife gets pension post retirement demise.
  • Post death of the employee, if his child is handicapped, the pension will also reach that child.

Government jobs are primly secured jobs. They provide you steady growth in your career as well as accounts to an immense stature in the society. There is saying “For a family, government jobs are bulletproof jackets”. It is because the job here is safe and secure to survive himself and his family.

Start hunting govt jobs 2018, and apply for every job you come across. Check Sarkari Results to know whether you have made it through the exam that you take or not. Be it RRB recruitment, state government PSC job. Because you are the one who is going to enjoy the luxuries of the government.

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