Google Slides Themes: What They Are and Types Available

Google Slides Themes: What They Are and Types Available

When we are presenting ourselves it is necessary to be the best of the lot since otherwise why will someone pay attention to what you are showing? You have to present something that will attract the people at first go itself and powerpoint presentations can take time for development but should have the best content. Now, after the content people also notice how it is designed. Google is providing you with numerous Google slides themes to dress up your presentation in a way that would surely attract the viewers.


Features of Google Slide Themes

Several different features make these slides the best, and we will list them down below:

  • Choices: You get a wide array of designs from where you can choose the one that fits the best for you. It is important that presentations for different topics should be designed differently. Now, if you want a presentation for a casual or a business meeting you can decide the theme accordingly. This makes sure of the fact that the people get the message in a more clear way than when it’s puzzled.
  • Editing: It is possible to customize the themes that are already present in the Google Slide Theme to match your perfect presentation. You have choices to select from the given themes and then further edit the colors or the image set according to your choice.
  • Presentation: Since the presentation is almost completely created by you including the theme it will be a much better product than when you have only written the content. Some templates would match the whole theme perfectly.

Why Are Templates Necessary?

Templates give the presentation a touch of personalization which is not possible if you just follow the general pattern. Your key to affecting the audience is how well you present yourself along with your written content. You will have the chance of selecting from the range that is presented online which you can also find on

Types of Themes: Google is offering you with themes that will fulfill all the necessary events you can have, and if it falls short then you can also customize the themes that are already available:

    • Business: These are the themes that would be useful when you are giving a formal and business related presentation.
    • Creative: The themes that are used for presenting something to a school or a special occasion or even for events.
    • Funny: This is used during events mainly and sometimes in parties for fun.
    • Start-Up: This is yet again another important theme that is used for the business start-up meetings where you customize according to your business idea or plan.
    • Elegant: The themes that are used for private events, weddings or even at related business parties. 
    • Simple: The last but not the least, the themes that speak for themselves. Simple yet effective.

This is your simple guide to understanding the Google slides themes and why you might need them the next time you present something. Make sure to choose the best of the lot!

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