Finding The Perfect Christian School In Newman, Georgia

Finding The Perfect Christian School In Newman, Georgia

Landmark Christian school is a k-12 school that is privately owned and run. The school is situated in Atlanta, Georgia. It is one of the most admired Christian schools in Newnan GA area. They have their main campus in Fairburn and another smaller campus in Peachtree City. The main campus at Fairburn has an average enrolment of about 750 students while the Peachtree campus has an average admission of about 100 students. The school has a highly qualified teaching and nonteaching staff who are very dedicated to their work. They all have compassion towards the growing children and guide them based on the Christian principles of love and compassion.

Raising Godly Children

The school offers strong service-based training that instills Christian morals in the children. They encourage the students to take pride in their service to others and love one another. The enrolment at both campuses depicts a concerted effort to ensure the school is one of the most racially diverse Christian schools in Newnan GA. The management accepts and nurtures godly children without bias or segregation based on skin color or background. According to the teachers at Landmark, every student has their unique weaknesses and strengths that need to be cultivated and managed in order to bring them up as a God-fearing and responsible person.

The Landmark Community

The curriculum at landmark Christian school is designed to provide sufficient time for socializing. The teachers maintain a healthy relationship with the students so that they can feel free to talk about the problems they face. Parents are also kept involved in the education of their children as they get to meet teachers to discuss issues affecting their children.

Landmark’s Track Record

 The school has been under the able management of Christian teachers who have ensured excellence in academic and co-curricular activities. Landmark takes pride in:

  • Excellent academic history with a 100% average graduation rate and 98% of all graduates proceed to noteworthy four-year colleges throughout the United States of America.
  • Exemplary diversity since the students are profoundly from very divergent and different backgrounds both in the race and economically. The parents of the school have all commended the cultural diversity of all the students at the school.
  • Extensive participation in Clubs and activities. Both the boys and girls in the school are all in various clubs or games. Each of the students is required to involve themselves in at least one non-academic activity to help enhance their social skills.

Overall, the school has received many awards both for the academic prowess of its students and their exemplary performance in games and other extra-curricular activities. The teachers and non-teaching staff are God-fearing as the school is built and operated under strong Christian values.

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