Company Culture: A Huge Factor for Recruiters to Consider

Company Culture: A Huge Factor for Recruiters to Consider

When searching for jobs there are many things that people look for, from salary to job description, there are many things to consider when looking for the best role. However, according to many recent studies, the most important thing for many when looking for new jobs is company culture, with millennials even willing to sacrifice over £5,500 per year in order to get a job that boasts a better working environment.

In line with this recruiters and rec2rec are having to adapt to ensure they are ready to find people the most suitable and rewarding roles based on culture.

Just some of the things in which people searching for new jobs are now looking for include:

  • A good work-life balance
  • Meaningful work
  • Sociable workplaces
  • Opportunities for career development

If you work within recruitment and would like to ensure that you are able to include company culture into your recruiting approach, it is imperative that you read the following tips:

  • Learn about clients’ company culture. When trying to find a new team member for a company you need to ensure that you know what the company is all about, and by this I do not just mean what they do, but also about the culture and ethics that they boast. You need to make sure that they are honest with about how they operate otherwise you will not be able to find the greatest and most suitable candidates. When recruiting for a company it is also a good idea to speak with more than just the manager, considering speaking to other employees and even past employees. You can also look into public records to see if any discrimination claims have ever been made against them.
  • Similarly, you need to make sure that you understand exactly what your client is looking for. Discover what kinds of company cultures they personally thrive in and what kind of environment they would be the most suited to.
  • When clients or candidates are boasting culture that you do not think is the most beneficial it is often best that you tell them so that they can make changes for the greater. If you think there are obvious things stopping your clients from finding candidates or your candidates from finding roles, you should inform them because chances are they do not know.

These are only some of the ways you can changes your recruiting techniques too. Do you research and learn more about company culture and recruitment today, we are sure that it will make your career so much better this year.

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