Best Graduate Schools to Attend for a Career in IT

Best Graduate Schools to Attend for a Career in IT

When there’s a shortage of tech experts, there’s an increased emphasis on graduate schools. Employers want to find the best talent, and graduate students are often where they will find it.


While you may not consider graduate school to be a necessity, it can go a long way in helping advance your career in IT.


Here are some of the top graduate schools to consider if you want a successful IT career.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

MIT is the most popular school for graduate and undergraduate computer engineers, according to World Report and U.S. News.


Even the school mascot, the badger, was chosen because it was an animal that represents the standard for mechanical and engineering skills. You can’t go wrong with MIT if you want a stellar graduate program.

Stanford University

The second best school for tech graduates is Stanford, which has over 16,000 students enrolled. There are many different disciplines in which Stanford specializes, but the school is particularly well-known for its tech programs.

University of California, Berkley

The U of C, Berkley, is another popular option if you want the best education available in the tech industry.


The school has some of the top computer engineering programs as part of its STEM education, and is also known as a hub for student activism as one of the most liberal campuses.

University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

The University of Illinois campus in Urbana-Champaign is one of the hottest campuses for computer engineering and offering IT services.


Some famous graduates of this school include YouTube co-founder Steven Chen and Marc Andreessen, who’s known as one of the creators of the first popular web browser.

California Institute of Technology

Also known as CalTech, the California Institute of Technology is another great place to go for advancing a career in IT.


It’s number 9 on the list of best computer engineering programs, with plenty of top-rated programs in general engineering, physics, mathematics, earth sciences, biology, computer science, and chemistry.

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

The University of Michigan located in Ann Arbor is yet another excellent school to consider. It’s a particularly large campus, with nearly 45,000 students and a campus size of approximately 3,211 acres. It’s also known for its college town, which can make it a great overall hangout for students of all studies.

Georgia Institute of Technology

Also called Georgia Tech, the Georgia Institute of Technology is widely known for its reputable STEM programs, and is classified by the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching as a school with one of the highest levels of research activity.


These are simply some of the many ideal graduate schools to attend if you’re interested in growing your career in IT.


While many of them are difficult to get into, if you’re vigilant and hard-working, you’ll find these schools to be invaluable in assisting you and serving as excellent facilities to give you that final education you need to launch your career.

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