Benevolence of Peter Loftin towards Society- Need for Emulating by Younger Generation

Benevolence of Peter Loftin towards Society- Need for Emulating by Younger Generation

Success can be measured in several ways. While some people take great pride in their achievements, some prefer to be silent workers. Peter Loftin was one such man who has achieved recognition for brilliant work, but has never craved the limelight for it. Even as a child, he was motivated to working towards the betterment of society, dedicating his whole life towards charity and human treatment of those in need. He is considered to be a hallmark of dedication and hard work, eventually leading to his success.

A lover of art, he was responsible of the finding of the biggest telecommunication company of his time. Around the 1980s in US, the Bell telephone monopoly suffered from a break. Loftin took this opportunity to greatly advance his career in the telecommunications sector by giving birth to the biggest telecommunications company in North Carolina or NC. This company was given the name of BTI, or Business Telecom Inc. A successful businessman, Loftin was the chairman of this company, turning over enormous profits throughout the year.

The great achievements leading to the success Of Loftin

Loftin was one of those characters known to be extremely generous and giving. He often ended up sharing a major part of his profits with the poor and needy. Loftin can be considered as the ideal person whose greatest goal in life was to help others who were in need. An example of an extremely selfless person, Loftin possessed all those human qualities which would label him as a humanitarian, making him stand out of the crowd due to his selfless nature.

Peter Loftin was most famously known as the founder of the biggest telecommunications company in the US, known as BTI, or Business Telecom Inc. As a great connoisseur of art, Loftin purchased the Casa Casuarina in the year 2000. He then went on to lending the place to other art lovers for organising art events, free of charge. He also allowed people to use this place for free for organizing charity and fundraising events.

Loftin also extended his skills in achieving other purposeful endeavours. He was the only founder of GlobeSecNine; known as Torch Hill Investment Partners. The company, mainly comprising of the intelligence and defence industry, gives aid and assistance to domestic and international companies with the growth capital.

With the mutual help of Michael Haley and Richard Shaffer, Loftin founded the CM3 group; which was a counter terrorism contractor. This intelligent group was responsible for handling terrorism throughout the country.

Loftin made a way into the hearts of people worldwide due to his appealing nature

Peter Loftin has built up a network of numerous followers, who admire not only his great work and achievements, but also his brilliantly selfless nature. This has also allowed him to become one of the board members of American Red Cross. Loftin is known world and talked about on social networking sites for his charitable nature along with his love for art and creativity.

Many young personalities can take inspiration from Loftin, working towards the betterment of society rather than its degradation.

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