Why it has become necessary to attend?

Here in the United Arab Emirate, the Human Resource sector is booming like a beehive. Statistics have shown that there has been a 42% increase in terms of workload and a 33% increment rate for business in the UAE. Because ofthese positive trends, the services of Human Resource professionals are becoming more in demandto effectively maintain and hire the required talents that will meet the benchmark of organization goals.

This new trend is not peculiar to Dubai alone, but also with most developing and robust economies of the world. Demand for senior and mid-level Human Resource professionals, with resounding qualifications and unparalleled skills in CIM, CIPD, ILM and HRM certifications, continues to increase unabated.

A GoldenOpportunity

As a dearth of highly qualified HR professionals continue to restrain the overall success of most corporate and private enterprise, it becomes imperative to develop and inculcate in people the necessary skills required for successful service delivery and satisfaction of business objectives. To this end, Human Resource centres like Oakwood International Institute located in Dubai, with highly experienced and qualified professionals,have taken it upon themselves to help in delivering high quality human resource training and relevant consultancy services.

Become A Qualified HR Personnel Today

Prospective students or people who want to become professionals in the field of Human resource management can now find a place like Oakwood to realise their dreams. Solid management practices and professionally qualified standards are taught by providing qualifications in CIPD, ILM and CIM, all of which efficiently combines to represent, marketing, HR and management standard for best practice.

Students are offeredvarious extensive program materials for different courses under which a variety of Human Resource management programs are divided into different levels to achieve proper qualification. For instance, A qualification in Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) Or in Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM), can be achieved under a year by simply registering with the provider—Oakwood. Such qualification will enable the user to be more assertive in terms of standard and best practises in business, as well as being more pragmatic and contributing to key meetings with clear understanding.

Courses offered by Oakwood gives the student a competitive edge in that, oncea student registers under the CIPD program, he or she automatically becomes a member of the global body of CIPD.

Qualification to be obtained varies with the entry level of the student. For instance, A level 3 entry under the CIPD arrangement will give the qualified student Diploma Certificate in Human Resource Practise (HRP) upon qualification, while a level 7 entry will be awarded Advanced Diploma in Human Resource Management (HRM).

Course Objectives

By the end of the HR qualification course, students are expected to learn

  • Provide a valuable blend of theory and practical application skills
  • Develop people while working with various organisations
  • Implement the best learned practise while encouraging continuous improvement
  • Analyse different job requirements and undertake effective recruitment selection
  • Participate in and coordinate HR activities under high competence
  • Acquire Credible analytical skills
  • Improve formulation and initiation of actions
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