7 Important Elements for Youth Development

7 Important Elements for Youth Development

Youth represent the future of a community’s economic and social fabric. Giving teenagers the resources and support they need to become successful adults benefits the entire community. In this regard, Bob Berry the founder of the Youth Life Excellence Virtual Academy and the youth development learning systems and his partners are committed to providing the best life skill curriculum, assessments, and technology for you and your teens. Not only that his academy also provides free Life Course and eBook on youth development. Listed below are a few important elements for youth development.

Help Youth Feel Physically and Emotionally Safe – Set boundaries and expectations with both the teens and their parents. Be a good role model and create a safe environment.

Encourage Youth to Experience Belonging and Ownership – Offer teenager small-group training opportunities. It is an effective way to engage youth and build a positive future. It links directly to an adult thinking, decision-making, behavior, and performance.

Develop Self-Worth – Encourage teenager to join interactive programs on Excellence, Leadership, Motivation, Responsibility, lifeskills, and Real-World Readiness.

Provide Opportunities for Self-Discovery – Help them identify themselves as healthy, strong individuals with potential.

Develop Quality Relationships with Peers and Adults – Mirror healthy interactions by being proactive and professional with parents. Talk positively about school, and encourage community involvement. Bob’s Teen Wake-Up on Independent Life course can be helpful as it presents the reality of the adult world by guiding students to discover the path to a reasonable lifestyle.

Discuss Conflicting – Be honest and keep an open-door policy to discuss issues that come up in training. Listen to your child and validate their feelings.

Encourage Youth to Feel the Pride That Comes with Accomplishment and Mastery – Include teens and parents in the program design and give them access to ways of tracking progress.

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