6 Top Universities which also have their online wing

6 Top Universities which also have their online wing

Technology has transformed every aspect of our life. Not only transformed the tangible products but also changed the mindsets of the people. The most prominent example of this change is the online wing of some best universities in the world.

Since the advent of technology in education, these top universities were not only opposing this change in education but also pressurizing the authorities to make laws which discourage this. Surprisingly, now most of the same universities are opening their own online wings and websites which are providing different online degree programs for those students who cannot travel to the location of the university.

However, these universities still are not promoting their online educational wing as they should, and students are not aware of these online universities and despite all aversion are taking help with dissertation from others. That is why I am writing this article and in which I am going to unveil the six top universities which also have their online wing.

  1. University of Cambridge:

An England based university which doesn’t require any introduction. This university is offering one of the best online degree programs which cover 16 of academic categories like art, architecture, philosophy and science.

  1. Columbia University:

Columbia University is one of the top-ranked US University with the academic programs in almost every field of study. This university is also offering free online college classes and the lectures for the students worldwide registered on their website. Moreover, this university has also gone a step ahead by establishing YouTube channel with the group video of every school academic department.

  1. Duke University:

Duke University from the Durham has collaborated with the platforms like iTunes and YouTube to conduct numerous free online classes. Moreover, students can also take other perks from these channels like lectures, panels, conversations and the new features of the Duke University campus.

  1. Carnegie Mellon University:

Carnegie is one of those universities which are not famous as others in this list but statistically, it has achieved all milestones that other universities have. Now, Carnegie is offering free online lectures and courses on its YouTube channels and official website. Lectures on the subjects like arts, business, technology and science are the most popular and viewed fields of study among others.

  1. Cornell University:

A New York based university with the acceptance rate of 14.1% is now also in the game of online education. Cornell is offering free online lectures and the course content through its university’s digital depository. This site is consist of 731 videos and 426 audio files with the digital downloads of the thesis, dissertation, research data and numerous images.

  1. Harvard University:

A name that doesn’t need any appreciation. Harvard University also has its online wing and provides open access to lectures, courses and performances available on the channels like YouTube and iTunes. Harvard is offering 24 of its finest academic programs ranging from statistics, probability, economics and the language courses like Hebrew too. With more than 2,000 videos on the YouTube channel comprises of seminars, lectures and other academic content on the topics like the state of nation’s housing, women and public policy programs and the justice: what is the right thing to do series.

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