Transportations to Use in Bandung City

Transportations to Use in Bandung City

Due to its location, it will not be too tough to visit Bandung. There are plenty of transportation options that we may use if you want to visit some attractions for tourist in Bandung. To get to the city of Bandung is not too much trouble. There are a variety of modes of transportation and routes that may be used. Listed below are a couple ways that may take you to this city of flower.

Private Motorcycle

If you would like to proceed here from the town of Jakarta use a vehicle, you could say the Jakarta-Bandung route is dense. Especially on weekends or holiday seasons. There are various selections of routes that may be taken. You can choose to pass the top lane, the distance from Jakarta to Bandung throughout the summit path of about 164 km and could be made in 3 to 5 hours.

However, throughout the holiday season, this route is often badly jammed. Therefore, maybe you can choose another alternate way. Throughout the Jonggol route, for example, this route connects Cianjur and Bogor regencies and doesn’t cross the summit lane. The Jonggol lineup is appropriate for motorcycle users because it isn’t a toll road. The journey through Jonggol could be taken in about 3 hours. If you would like to take the toll road, you may use the Cipularang toll road. Before the Cipularang toll road is opened to the city will normally take a long time, can reach five hours. Nevertheless, now we may shorten the travel time by utilizing the Cipularang toll route in just 2.5 hours.


If you would like to use a bus, you can stop at LeuwiPanjang Terminal. After arriving in the passenger transport terminal, there’ll be plenty of access to proceed to many attractions for tourist in Bandung. Close to the terminal, you may also walk southwest. Precisely to the southeast of the intersection of JalanCibaduyut – JalanSoekarnoHatta – JalanLeuwiPanjang. Afterward, you’ll come across a shoe center in Cibaduyut.

In addition to buses, you may also use rail transportation mode. After coming to Bandung Station, there’ll be a large number of public transport that may take you to attractions for tourist. Currently, there are also trains. You may take the Serayu train or Argo Parahyangan from Gambir Station. For the Serayu train, the ticket cost is more affordable, which is IDR 67,000. Whereas for Argo Parahyangan itself is charged a tariff of Rp. 80,000. Close to the station, you’ll find many exciting entertainment locations. Like Trans Studio Bandung, Cihampelas Walk, Siliwangi Stadium, Geology Museum, Gedung Sate, and Dago area.

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