The Things That One Should Know About Microlearning

The Things That One Should Know About Microlearning

Microlearning is the process of teaching learners and also delivering contents to the learners in small and in very specific bursts. It depends on the learners what they need to learn and when they need to learn.

Today’s world has different workforce compared to yesterday and it will be different tomorrow, this is how fast the change in the workforce is taking place with new technology and also the attention spans are shrinking, therefore microlearning is gaining importance and relevancy. What microlearning does is that it delivers bite-sized content nuggets. Microlearning module focuses on meeting one specific learning outcome by breaking down large topics into bite-sized modules. This allows the learner independence to select what they intend to learn.

While small size learning is not novel, why learn via microlearning

It is said that learning in small size is not novel but these days it is a trend. Today’s learners have very short attention spans and learners are expected to speed up the learning process. Also, students or learners now lack the patient required for longer courses They don’t want to put much effort in learning but rather want to learn fast. And to help all those causes, the technology is a plus which supports mobile learning, improved bandwidth, and social media.

Microlearning examples

In the K-12 level, higher education and corporate sectors LMS microlearning is an essential learning method. Here are a few examples of microlearning.

  • Demonstration of task based, short videos.
  • Simulation of packages.
  • Small activities which can be done like playing games.
  • Small animations for instructions.
  • Job-aids shown visually.

How to get started with Microlearning?

It sounds easy, but it is hard to make packages which support so small sized materials. Below shown are some examples to get started with microlearning:

  • Keep everything short: Make sure that it takes no more than one to three minutes for a learner to learn it.
  • Keep things interesting and focused: You have to put single learning objective for each of content nuggets. If you try to create multiple learning objective for a single content nugget that will make the learner distracted.
  • Keep it such that it engages the learner: You should make sure that the content you create is engaging as well as relevant. For this reason the use of video, games, scenarios etc are very important.

Microlearning is becoming very popular in corporate world, and is also helping kids with ADHD and ADD in their learning process.

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