Significance and Worthiness of One to One English Training Classes

Significance and Worthiness of One to One English Training Classes

Do you wish to hone your English and cannot attend the regular classes? Well, you can opt for 1-2-1 English tuition classes or private lessons.

English lessons are undertaken for specific purposes

  • Improvement of grammar and writing
  • Conversational English – pronunciation, accent, vocabulary, topical discussions, idioms, and slang
  • Dissertation, assignment, essay assistance and presentation
  • Exam preparation for IELTs, Cambridge, and CAE
  • Preparation for job interviews, write CVs and application forms, proofreading skills

Many students find group classes more comfortable. Every one differs and it is not possible to say that group classes are better than private lessons. However, your decision will depend on the purpose of English classes. If you have limited time to prepare for IELTs then it is wise to opt for 1-2-1 classes.

At Communicate School of English for Spanish students, one-to-one classes are hourly scheduled. Lessons focus on General English or specific areas, students are interested in like marketing, management or work presentations.

For example, students struggling with listening part in IELTs can have their personal tutor to help them concentrate on quick listening enhancement techniques. Focused leaning is effective under such condition.

Basically, General English classes are conducted in the morning and 1-2-1 lessons are held in the afternoon. Timings, class length, and material covered will depend on the kind of course student selects. Charges of the classes are in hours but it is wise to consult the school facility for more pricing details and future course options.

Objectives of the course

  • Help students achieve their specific targets or goals
  • Improve each student’s confidence, when they use English language for communicating or writing
  • Aid students develop their personal learning strategies to accomplish constant improvement beside the given course

Advantages of 1-2-1 learning

  • You are matched with a tutor in accordance to your needs.
  • Lessons are designed specifically to suit individual language needs.
  • You obtain personal attention from the tutor. It means you learn all the time without any disturbance from other students.
  • You get a good chance to correct errors or more explanations and feedbacks because there is no concern of getting embarrassed in front of other students.
  • You get to study at your own pace – either slow down or go fast.
  • You communicate for majority of tutoring time, so it is actually a kind of intensive learning. In group class, you get extremely less time to speak. Therefore, it takes time to sharpen your communication skills.
  • Sometimes students need help in their sensitive work-related material, which cannot be shared. In private lessons, you can work comfortably on confidential projects.
  • You can practice, revise and use new vocabulary consistently.
  • No distraction or interruption in 1-2-1 lessons.
  • You speak with a pro (English tutor) and not in groups, where other students are also learning. They may not be able to correct your grammar or vocabulary or pronunciation or accent mistakes.
  • In some classes, you get flexibility to arrange the time with your tutor.
  • The tutor brings course materials necessary for the students in 1-2-1 classes.

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Joseph Lodge has written this Guest Post. If you reside in or around Manchester, then visit Communicate School of English for Spanish students. You can WhatsApp them at +44 7482 660 030 and get more details about the course from the reception staff. The school has helped many Spanish, Polish, Italian, and French students to enhance their writing and communication skills with 1-2-1 lessons.

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