Should Music Education be mandatory in schools?

Should Music Education be mandatory in schools?

Music is a form of art which brings people together without differentiating them on the basis of caste, colour or religion. It is not just music, but every art form has its virtue of making people learn through experiences which are both good and bad. Yes, entirely Music Education should be made a mandatory subject for students in schools.

We thought we should explain it you in the right context because the majority of the people who are against this come up with sayings like, “Not everybody enjoys the subject,” “It is a waste of time.”, “What is the need when you don’t have a great career option?”. While you are yet to read the importance of Music Education, you can click and buy some tremendous musical stuff at the best prices.

How Music Education helps a student grow as a complete man/woman?

While there are so many reasons on how music shapes a learner, but we thought of putting light on few because those few are enough to show those people the need of the same.

  • Develops Language and Reasoning ability: Music Education if given from a tender age builds the brain active enough to retain information. The brain develops to be persistently perfect in language and reasoning subjects as it understands the subject better.
  • Anxiety and Fear: If your kid or your student always had this stage phobia where he or she feared facing the crowd, then it is only because of anxiety issues. Music builds a student capable enough to take the risk and face the anxiety; it very well gives them the potential to move forward without any fear.
  • Self Confidence:Similar to the previous one, Music Education makes a student confident so that he or she doesn’t fear taking risks. Instead, they perform or do things with utmost pride even when they are not perfect at it. It helps a student in developing better communication skills.
  • Builds Creativity: Today’s world is no more focused on your score and mechanical working process, it is more interested in knowing your creativity- creative thinking. And since the students have so much to deal with projects and craft work, it is essential for them to be a little creative with whatever they do. Music precisely builds a level of creativity because it is an art form which has so much variations.
  • Emotional Development: Everybody has this habit of tuning in to some music when they are happy or sad because we know it helps us cope up with a given situation. Similarly, Music Education teaches the student to be thoughtful and emotionally developed. Students become empathetic towards different background and culture learning a lot more than they would willingly or rather interestingly do from their textbooks.
  • It is like an exercise for the brain: We exercise so that we remain fit and healthy but how do we know whether our brain has been recharged with much nourishment? This is where the role of Music starts; students who invest their time in learning, listening and playing music are learning to concentrate by focusing on the tiniest of details.
  • Builds Motor Skills: We know that a musician is really one talented man when he is singing and playing an instrument in the same time. Music Education will teach students to build their motor skills where they will learn to coordinate their eyes, hands, ears which indeed makes them co-ordinated.
  • Discipline: Discipline is a critical goal for every student to achieve because without that one can accomplish nothing. Music performed is based on right timing and a composer should be disciplined enough to make masterpieces through his music.

And, if the matter with some people has been the career option, then we thought we should let you know that there are ample opportunities a student can take in the Music field. But leaving apart the career thing, if other subjects are building someone’s career then one should know that not every student enjoys reading those textbooks and juggling through solutions every day.

There have been so many surveys conducted on the topic, “Should Music Education be mandatory in schools?” and the majority of the people think that music increases the achievement level of a student furthermore. No wonder some people love playing instruments and some don’t understand even a bit of it, but how does it matter as long as the one who doesn’t realize is asked to enjoy and not to compete and the one who loves it is taught vital skills about it?

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