Score More In Your IELTS Reading Tests With The Right Guidance

Score More In Your IELTS Reading Tests With The Right Guidance

The IELTS institute in Ludhiana helps you prepare for IELTS exam thus achieving your desired goal. You will receive assistance in answering each type of question in reading, and thus improving your speed, reading skills and vocabulary as well as understanding the test format and rules.

Understanding the format

The second part of the IELTS test consists of reading. You will have to answer around forty questions from three or more passages you will be given. This part lasts for about an hour. You should keep in mind that you won’t be given any extra time to transfer your answers to the answer sheet and will have to do it while you are reading the texts.

The pattern of the Academic and General test is same but the questions in the Academic test are a little bit more challenging. IELTS coaching center in Ludhiana guides you in your journey to crack the exam by preparing you well and makes your dreams come true.

The exam details

There are three sections in the IELTS reading exam all of which contain a long text. The texts are not difficult and are of a generalist nature. They can be articles from newspaper or from any fiction or nonfiction book.

  • The first section will have texts of simple nature that can be found in normal usage in any English speaking country.
  • The second section of the test will contain two texts that will be of work related nature.
  • The third part will contain a longer text that will a bit more difficult in comparison with the first two sections.

The marks you receive will be converted to a 9 band scale. Every institution has a different requirement of score.

The texts that are given in the exam are of general nature and doesn’t test one’s knowledge or educational abilities. It simply checks whether you are able to read texts properly and understand the meaning without any help. The institute helps you learn how to read faster and answer at the same time thus making sure you don’t miss any question and pass with a great score.

Things you need to know

You will have to read really fast and try to comprehend the meanings of the texts at the same time. You will have to start writing your answers in the answer sheet because you won’t get any extra time to do that. At IELTS coaching center in Ludhiana, you master your vocabulary and develop key words and develop skills of each type of question in reading. You don’t get stuck at a difficult word and even if you do, you learn to comprehend the meaning of the word from the context. You don’t any part of the text and so you can answer all the questions you are asked.

You can start now

You need to regularly practice, get used to difficult passages, know your weaknesses and work on them. IELTS institute in Ludhiana helps you prepare through texts ranging from easy to difficult nature. You receive holistic training, develop your reading and answer writing skills and eventually pass the test that is the first step to make your dreams come true.


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