Robotel Language Lab Software is Convenient, Versatile, and Constructive

Robotel Language Lab Software is Convenient, Versatile, and Constructive

Using Laboratorio de idiomas Robotel software is a smart way to learn a new language.  Basically, the app suite makes the process convenient, versatile, and constructive to fit into your busy life no matter what your level of priority or interest may be. Whether you are a student preparing for the adult life or a hard-working adult preparing for an overseas trip, online language software can really make a difference.


When you study a new language with the SmartClass+ Language Lab you can bring your own device, so to speak.  This allows you to incorporate the lessons at your convenience without having to acquire any new devices; simply use what you already have.  Essentially, no matter your tech of preference, you can attend class:

    • Windows PC
    • Mac computer
    • Chromebook
    • Tablet
    • Smartphone

And this portability means that you can work not just anytime, but also anyplace that is convenient for you:

    • in class
    • at home
    • in class
    • the library
    • study hall
    • coffee shop


This module lets you format lessons to any level of experience or education.  Of course, this benefits teachers directly, but that also means that you, as a student can dive into the courses wherever you feel comfortable:

    • elementary schools
    • middle school
    • high school
    • college and university

And these lessons can all be customized by building a library of various student activities to integrate your “classroom” with language transparency:

    • MFL, ESL, and ASL ready
    • available in English, Spanish, French, German (and more)
    • Webcam support (for sign language students)
    • Standardized test support (like Advanced Placement, “AP”, testing)


It also means that every teacher can have confidence to teach simple—yet constructive—and accessible lesson plans:

    • clear on-screen language
    • intuitive controls
    • step-by-step teacher guides
    • simple-to-follow exercise templates
    • automated file transfer options

Remote access to lessons, then, allows for students to have round-the-clock access to self-study assignments.  Teachers can manage every single aspect of these lessons from building activities to posting assignments and even reviewing and grading work:

    • create and/or import multimedia materials
    • import and/or modify class rosters
    • prepare and assign new work/activities
    • review and grade student assignments
    • provide feedback on assignments

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