Educational Resources for Project Managers in 2018

Educational Resources for Project Managers in 2018

A recent survey by has looked at the most popular online learning resources for current or aspiring project managers. Some major trends among project management learning resources include the following:

  1. A greater percentage of Professional Development Units (PDU’s) offered online, including events sanctioned by the PMI.
  2. An expanding range of fully online project management degrees, particularly from highly ranked business and engineering schools.
  3. Acceleration of the number of project management webinars, particularly for credit.
  4. A small but solid group of continuing podcasts.
  5. A wide range of software and tool specific training tools offered by vendors.
  6. A growing range of industry-specific project management courses on Udemy. Many with

thousands of students.

  1. Proliferation of fully online, customizable platforms for project management including, Airtable, and so on. Notable groups of online educational resources for current or aspiring project managers included resources for those seeking Continuing education credits (CEU’s) or Professional Development Units (PDU’s), those Preparing for a certification exam, those seeking the General enhancement of project management knowledge, those Obtaining industry-specific project management skills, those Getting ready to start their own organization or project, those seeking to use project management tools or software, and those seeking to learn project management for other reasons.

For more coverage of the state of project management education in 2018, check out Project Management Degree’s survey of online learning resources for project managers today.

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