Common Mistakes to Avoid During JEE Preparation

Common Mistakes to Avoid During JEE Preparation

JEE is considered as one of the most competitive exams in the country. The JEE mains exam is taken by over a million of engineering aspirants and the applicants who clear the cut-offs to appear for the JEE advance. The score in JEE mains is used for admissions in the NITs and other top engineering institutes in the country, while the JEE advanced score is considered for admissions into the IITs.

After the JEE mains result, shortlisted candidates will appear for the JEE advanced exam and based on that score, they will be selected for the IITs. So, engineering aspirants need to have an effective JEE preparation to be able to score more and clear the JEE mains cut-off. However, numerous aspirants commit some easily-avoidable mistakes that might hamper their chances of scoring more in the JEE.

In this article, few of the most common mistakes during JEE preparation are listed. A JEE aspirant must look into these mistakes and are required to avoid these at any circumstance.

# Mistake 1: Not Strategizing a Proper Preparation Plan

JEE preparation requires a strategic plan to ensure all the syllabus topics are covered from the basics. It is important to check the JEE syllabus and then strategize a proper preparation plan and follow that schedule accordingly. It should be noted that the preparation schedule should cover all the topics and should have sufficient time for practice and revision.

# Mistake 2: Stockpiling Doubts

This is another common mistake that the students commit. There are several students who just accumulate their doubts and do not clear it instantly. This accumulation often leads to reduced comprehending capabilities for higher concepts. By piling doubts, one often skips some important topics or has to learn too many concepts in a short span of time just before the exam.

# Mistake 3: Not Studying the NCERT Books (or Other Board Exam Books)

The JEE mains syllabus includes topics mostly from the class 11 and 12 chapters. So, it is important to study the NCERT books or other boards’ prescribed books. It is also suggested to avoid using too many reference books. JEE aspirants are suggested to strategize a personalized preparation plan and follow the books that they are comfortable with.

# Mistake 4: Using Calculator During Preparation

Many candidates have a habit of using a calculator during their JEE preparation. In the exam, students are not allowed to use the calculator and many candidates who used a calculator during preparation get uncomfortable in the exam. So, students are suggested to avoid using calculators and get confident with mental calculations.

# Mistake 5: Not Revising and Analyzing Mock Scores

There are several students take mock tests and then avoid analyzing the scores. This way, the weak topics are not identified and might affect the JEE scores. It is always important to take and analyse mock tests and keep revising all the topics periodically to retain the concepts for longer.

These were some of the few mistakes that JEE aspirants make during their preparation. JEE is a crucial exam as it is a prerequisite for admissions in several top engineering colleges of India. JEE aspirants are also suggested to subscribe to BYJU’S YouTube channel and learn various important JEE topics more easily and effectively from various engaging video lectures.

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