5 Reasons why an eBook makes the Perfect Holiday Gift

5 Reasons why an eBook makes the Perfect Holiday Gift

If you’ve put off that holiday shopping, then this post is for you. Take a load off, stop stressing, and think about the people in your life who might love getting a new fantasy story, how-to book, or a sci-fi thriller. Any booklover in your life will love to receive the gift of a new book that they can enjoy over the holiday break. Here are the top 5 reasons why you should consider getting the book lover in your life an eBook this holiday season!

  1. You can take it anywhere!

During the holidays you’ve usually got to travel a lot. You have family to see and celebrate with and an online book can travel with you without adding weight or taking up space in your suitcase. Paperback books can get damaged during travel, and hardcover books can be heavy, but an online book means no worries.

Online books also makes the perfect gifts for those in your life who life far-away; they can be opened and enjoyed instantly, without having to pay extra for shipping!

  1. Don’t take up any space.

Either we are one, or we all know a book collector who looks like a hoarder with all their bookshelves stuffed full of books. There are some classic stories with beautiful covers out there, and we know that books smell great. But realistically, how many more bookshelves do you have room for? Well, with online books it doesn’t matter. You can have a huge library with hundreds of hours of entertainment at your fingertips without looking like a hoarder.

  1. They make for easier reading.

With the customization options on most e-Readers reading can be a lot easier. Especially for those with visual impairments. Whether you know someone who can never find reading glasses quite strong enough or have a friend with dyslexia, e-Readers adaptable interface options can make reading much less of a struggle.

  1. No one can see what your reading.

Don’t you hate getting interrupted in the middle of a great chapter? Well, no more interruptions disturbing you to tell you how much they loved reading that book you’re reading and spoiling important plot points when they ask, “Oh have you gotten to the part where so-and-so dies?” Also, no one can see the cover of that steamy romance you’ve been waiting to read if you read it online. No more intruding questions and no more strange looks. You can enjoy countless hours of uninterrupted enjoyment, while you get lost in the storyline of your latest novel.

  1. eBooks are better for the environment.

Paper, paper, paper. There are so many trees that go into the creation of physical books. You can still get someone a great story and help the environment at the same time.

This is something that we are proud of at Chat eBooks. We love bringing entertainment to readers, providing a platform for writers, and reader where they can enjoy quality books, all while creating less paper waste in the process.

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