The Indian Engineering Services Exam (IES) refers to the services that cater to the technical and managerial services for the Government. It is conducted by the Union Public Services Commission, every year usually in the month of June. In order to be eligible for this examination, you need to have an M.Sc. and bachelor’s degree in Engineering from any of the recognized universities. The age criteria for the examination are between 21 and 30 years. You can apply for the exam online and give the examination which is followed by an interview. Cracking the exam is not that big a deal; it is possible with hard work and perseverance. However, the notion of cracking the IES exam is overhyped and believed to be extremely difficult. Here are top 10 myths about IES exam-

  • It is extremely competitive, and over 8-10 lac people appear for the exam- While over eight to ten lac people apply for the IES exam; in reality only about half of them appear for it. Thus, the competition and the difficulty level are overhyped. If you work hard and are determined, you can crack the exam easily in the first attempt.
  • You must study regularly for 14- 20 hours a day- This is another myth since it is not possible for any human being to study for such a prolonged periods of time. In fact, some people prepare for the exam along with their part-time jobs and bachelor’s degree. Rather than the quantity of study, it is important to spread your study over a period of time. Thus, focus on starting your preparation a year in advance and give importance to the quality of your study than the quantity.
  • Coaching classes are a must- People believe that coaching classes are a must for cracking the IES exam but this is yet another myth. Coaching classes do not guarantee your success in clearing the exam. They simply guide you while preparing for the exam. If you prefer self-study than joining a coaching class, you can do so. It depends on your choice of how you want to go about studying.
  • You must be excellent with academics- Excellent academic performance reflects that you are very determined and hardworking. This is a requisite in clearing any examination. Having excellent academic grades does not necessarily mean that cracking the exam will be a child’s play for you. In fact, the general component of the IES examination requires you to have awareness about current events. This has got nothing to do with your academic grades.
  • You need to memorize a number of facts- The examination of IES tests the memory component of the candidate only to some extent. It focuses more on the logic, general and practical understanding of concepts. In fact, there is an entire section of the paper dedicated to logical skill.
  • Have expertise in all subjects- This is another myth since it is not possible for a human being to excel in all subjects or all the components of the exam. One must know their strengths and weaknesses with respect to the various components and manage their time accordingly.
  • The portion is vast, and the study material encompasses several books- There are prescribed books for every subject, and the study material is available online or in your nearby bookstores. It is not extremely vast. If you start your preparation well-in-advance and study bit by bit, you will definitely excel.
  • You must have excellent writing in order to attempt the exam- writing skills play an important role in most of the exams. However, the IES exam tests you for other skill such as logic, memory, conceptual understanding. Moreover, writing is a skill. Just like other skills, you can improvise on your writing abilities. Practice writing and ensure that you take feedback!
  • More than 90 questions must be attempted to clear the prelims- The IES paper has a negative marking, so it is best to not attempt the questions you are unsure about. Moreover, attempting more than ninety questions is also not a must. Attempt as many questions you feel confident about.
  • You must isolate yourself from everyone during your preparation- Even though you are preparing for the most difficult examination in the world, you must not isolate yourself. The human brain needs some time to relax, in order to function smoothly. Instead of isolating yourself, prepare a timetable and take time out for exercise and relaxation.

These are the top 10 myths about clearing the IES exam. Do not let these lies discourage you from attempting the exam.

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